Planning a wedding can be both fun and stressful at the same time. There are many things to coordinate from the very beginning. The venue, flowers, and food items can take up a large amount of the planning time. A celebrant is also needed to officiate the marriage vows. This is a very personal decision for many people. They may want to have someone with similar beliefs to take care of this important part. It is important to meet with the professional before the wedding to discuss the ceremony. Getting to know the person running the ceremony can make the day much more personal and memorable.

The Search

Before you can get to know your marriage celebrant in Yarra Valley, you must first choose one. In modern times, this search often begins on the internet. Be sure to read through their qualifications and experience. If you require a special religious background, make sure to specify this in your search. You can always call and ask questions before you proceed with the decision. The website may also have pictures or reviews from previous ceremonies the celebrant has worked at.


A consultation is the next step to becoming acquainted with your celebrant. During this meeting you can discuss the particulars of the ceremony. Be sure to mention any special requests that you may have. You can also ask if the specialist has any recommendations to make the ceremony special. Talk to the celebrant about your theme, beliefs, and expectations. This meeting should help you decide if this is the right person for you. It has to be the right match.

The Vows and Meeting the Family

There are many different ways to go about the part of the ceremony where the vows are said. Many people like to write their own. You can also ask your celebrant about their personal favourites. Traditional vows are always beautiful and remain the most common.

You may want to bring your celebrant to meet the family. There should at least be a meeting of both the bride and groom, if both were not present at the initial consultation. It can feel impersonal to have the celebrant just show up and officiate the ceremony without getting better acquainted. You can still remain professional while involving them a bit more in the wedding. An invitation to the rehearsal dinner gives everyone a chance to meet before the big day.

Choosing the right people to be a part of your special day can be a big decision. You can feel good about your choice of celebrant when you take the time to find out more about them. When you take the time to learn about their background and sit down for a consultation, it can make everyone more comfortable. This person is handling the most personal part of your ceremony. It is worth the effort to talk with them several times.

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