Each year in Australia, more than 230,000 people decide to tie the matrimonial knot, and our country’s wedding industry is worth nearly $2.5 billion in today’s day and age.

As a matter of fact, there were roughly 118,000 marriages during the past 12 months, and analysts expect this already-high figure to surpass 130,000 next year, which is why we’ve created this brief editorial to help you understand some of the lesser-known facts about contemporary weddings and how to facilitate an opulent, memorable event.

The Salient Details That You Should Know

Before you dive headfirst into your wedding plans and ideas, let’s take a moment to evaluate the ins and outs of modern marriage ceremonies from an investigative perspective:

  • According to a recent coast-to-coast survey, soon-to-be-wed couples believe that their cumulative wedding budget will range from $17,000 to $25,000, but this estimation does not include the honeymoon trip.
  • The three most sought-after colour schemes for contemporary weddings are comprised of blues, purples, and whites, but it’s important to note that pinkish hues and green accents are also surging in terms of popularity.
  • When it comes time to establish a cohesive theme and décor strategy, the vast majority of couples opt for rustic, vintage, or traditionalistic appeals, but it’s worth mentioning that outdoor, garden-oriented ceremonies are becoming very trendy as well.
  • Nearly 65% of people decide to get married on a Saturday, but more than 50% of the individuals surveyed stated that venue availability was the primary determining factor when making this decision.
  • Believe it or not, there is virtually an even split between international and domestic couples that choose to get married in Australia – 55% are Aussie-born, while 45% venture from a different country.

However, arguably the most surprising characteristic of modern weddings has to do with the aspects and inclusions that have been deemed to be the most unforgettable, impactful, and remarkable.

During an extensive, 2,000-person study conducted amongst both wedding guests and the actual couples, approximately half of the respondents said that the decorations, centrepieces, and other embellishments were the most memorable features.

Taking Your Big Day to the Next Level

Of course, it’s imperative to ensure that you reserve a desirable venue, hire a professional photographer, and correspond with a dexterous wedding planner, but it’s just as important to ascertain an esteemed floral designer in your vicinity, especially if you’d like to enhance the overall aura and appearance of your ceremony without spending a fortune along the way.

Simply by partnering with a reputable florist that specialises in procuring, crafting, and implementing custom-fabricated wedding bouquets in Brisbane, you’ll gain access to a versatile artist that can provide much more than just some simplistic flowers. Such services can include the following:

  • Magnificent centrepieces and table-top beautifications
  • Picturesque floral arrangements and trimmings
  • Cake flowers and alternative ornaments
  • Personalised garlands, wreaths, and laurels
  • Handcrafted showpieces and adornments

As such, you should take some time to visit with a professional floral designer to help you weave some panache, flair, and elegance into your wedding venue. All it takes is one consultation to pinpoint a budget-friendly yet luxurious plan, so be sure to book a consultation with an esteemed local expert at your earliest convenience.

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